There is always a mystery in creation. Since men and female are different, her no-no will be a big yes-yes for men and vice versa. To be clear, high-intensity workouts are not recommended for women on their menstrual days while men can workout out every day of the month.

Can You Use A Hot Tub When Trying To Get Conceive?

Things that affect their fertility will also be entirely different. Everybody likes to take a dip in hot tubs which can help you to relieve stress. But before you take a jump into the pool there are some points to be kept in the mind. Hot tubs have an effect on your fertility.

Is Hot Tubs A Villain Of  Male Fertility?

At the time of baby planning, it is advised for the male to avoid hot tubs. Hot tubs have a negative effect on male fertility. Scrotum is located outside the body. Small elevations in the temperature is foe for male fertility.

Hot temperatures can affect the quality and quality of the sperm. They can reduce sperm movement, sperm volume, and sperm morphology. Adding to its negatives, it can destroy DNA in the sperm. So men just beware you take a dip in hot tubs. For the sake of fertility, switch your bath to cold tubs.

What About Women?

Unlike men, hot tubs do not affect male fertility. Heat is a savior for you from ovulation and period cramps. Since your ovum is safely protected on the ovary, heat can’t affect it.

So you shouldn’t worry about the hot tubs or heat pads. But ladies you are safe on this track never means you are safe everywhere. Still, nutrition, exercise, smoking, BMI, and psychological factors such as stress and anxiety can affect your fertility.

But Pregnant Women…

Once you get pregnant, things start changing. Your husband can restart their bath in hot tubs(not frequently) but you should avoid it. Heat hurts your baby.

Hot tubs can steadily increase your body temperature as a result it can also affect your baby. Heat can cause neural tube defects including spina bifida and other congenital anomalies. But regulating the temperature of water (below 100 degrees) still allows you to dip in hot water.

Bursting Out The Myth 

Still, people believe that one can get pregnant by getting exposed to tub water. If a random man or hubby has inseminated on the tub, this sperm never floats on the water, enters your vagina, and makes you pregnant.

The sperm can’t live in this warm environment ( high temperature and chemicals). And there is a very low chance that fertilization happens in this space.

But you can get pregnant by having unprotected sex with a male partner in the tub. Here the sperm is directly inseminated into your vagina.

–  The Mom N Baby

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