We always connect pregnancy with that of the mother. It is indeed the mother’s body going through a remarkable transformation. But all the Dads here are certain things you should incorporate for your child’s health.

Dads-To-Be: Beware You Are Destroying Your Fertility

Yes, food is a big deal

Always the active sperm wins the race. Up to an extent you can decide the health of your sperm. Nutrition directly affects the sperm. Nutrition is the deciding factor in the quantity and quality of sperm. It would help if you kept a watch on the food you take. Here are some points to keep in the mind:

  • Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables 
  • Consume low-fat dairy products 
  • Wholegrains, legumes are always healthy 
  • Try to reduce the consumption of red meat
  • Limit the intake of sweets and sweetened beverages 
  • Try to avoid junk food
  • Green vegetables are always big yes-yes

Why Should You Watch Your Diet?

Alcohol consumption in the dad-to-be can result in the altering of sperm, as a result, neurological and behavioral retardation takes place

High-fat deposits in the father can adversely affect the health of female babies. This affects their body weight, blood glucose level, insulin sensitivity, and body composition.

Infants born to a father who is obese are the obese and low ability to metabolize carbohydrates. In a boy infant, in addition to obesity, the level of the hormone leptin is altered. Premature aging and chronic degenerative disorders were common among these children.

Men consuming fast food are likely to have children whose insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance are very low.

Consumption of a low folate diet may cause many chronic diseases in the future baby. Several deformities as well as retarded growth in the development of the embryo were observed 

Cardiovascular deaths were low in the future generation of fathers having a healthy diet.

The ability of the liver to process cholesterol in infants is upset by the low protein diet of the father.

Here Are Other Things To Keep In The Mind Other Than Food:

  • Regulate the temperature of sperm

Testicles are located outside the body. To improve the quality of sperm you need to regulate the temperature of the testicles. With a little care, you can make your sperm healthy. If your work environment is warm, don’t forget to take necessary breaks in Betsy. Little care about the fabrics you wear can also help. Tight underwear can increase testicle temperature up to 1 C. Loose underwear and boxers are better than tight underwear.

  • Smoking can hurt your fertility 

Smoking can decrease the health of semen. The count and motility of the sperm are collapsed. You make the sperms that are poorly shaped. The morphology of sperm is really important in successful fertilisation. There is a huge problem in the mobility of sperm if it’s not shaped properly. Smoking can influence DNA. It can destroy the DNA of the sperm and you may experience issues with all the processes in reproduction like fertilisation, embryo development, miscarriage etc. Smoking also disrupts the hormonal level of the body. You may also experience issues with functioning regarding erection.

  • Boozing is not cool for your fertility 

Alcohol drinking can drastically affect your fertility. It has a direct impact on the male reproductive system.HPG axis is interrupted by the overuse of alcohol. It can bring down your gonadotropin release, and testicular atrophy, and can even affect your sperm production. It can also cause dysfunctioning in the liver. According to study, there was a tremendous decrease in sperm volume. The ejaculation capacity of males is drastically affected in alcohol-drinking men.

  • Medicines 

Take a little precaution with the medicines you take. Some antibiotics can affect sperm quality and reduce their energy level. But don’t be panicked, you can regain it as soon as you stop taking the medications.

  • Drugs

Drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and anabolic steroids can reduce the quality and viability of sperm

  • A frizzy mind is a real fuss

Being stressed can drastically affect your sexual life. Stress, anxiety and depression can lower your sex drive. It can even lower your libido and finally, the frequency of sex is reduced. Adding fuel to fire stress can even reduce sperm count.

Frequently Asked Questions About You Are Destroying Your Fertility  

1)Can exercise help to improve your fertility?

New studies have found that exercise helps to improve sperm count. Cardiovascular exercise is the most effective one to improve fertility.

2)Treatment like chemotherapy may affect sperm count. What should I do in those cases?

Here are some options to preserve sperm.

-sperm banking.

-Gonadal shielding.

-Testicular sperm extraction.

-Electro or vibratory ejaculation. 

3)Does fertility decline with age?

Male fertility begins to decline in men around age forty. But up to 70 men can maintain their fertility by avoiding smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and eating processed foods.

–  The Mom N Baby

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