The mornings aren’t the same as before. Not only morning everything has changed or changed. Day by day you are more thrilled than before to meet your Prince or Princess.

With a load of happiness, you are also experiencing some troubles. You may be waking up with nausea and vomiting. And when you discuss it with your family and friends you understand that it is very common.

Happy Landing, Morning Sickness

This is just morning sickness. During pregnancy, almost every woman will experience morning sickness. This usually occurs in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

In some cases, women experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancy journey. There is no connection between the term and its effect. It can happen any part of the day.

What Does It Feel Like? Morning Sickness

The common symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Vomiting
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Excess salivation

What Is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

In some women(it’s not common) nausea and vomiting are severe. Gradually it would result in weight loss and dehydration. It usually starts in the first week of pregnancy and it can last up to the entire pregnancy.

They usually occur in the cases:

  • First pregnancy 
  • Impregnated with a girl
  • You are pregnant with more than one baby(twins, triplets, etc). The chance of hypermedia gravidarum is high in this case.
  • Sometimes it is hereditary.
  • Already you are a migraine patient.
  • If you are obese or overweight 
  • You have abnormal growth of cells in the uterus
  • Symptoms
  • You are frequently vomiting (up to 6 times).
  • You will feel suffocated.
  • A strong sign of dehydration-feeling thirsty, dry mouth, fast heartbeat.
  • You are losing a lot of weight during pregnancy.
  • The rate of urination is low.
  • Reason for morning sickness

The spike in the hormonal level is the reason behind morning sickness. As per a research report which was conducted on pregnant women who were having severe morning sickness, the level of HCG was high in all of them. The vomiting is high in the twins and triplets because they have a higher amount of HCG compared to women who are impregnated with one kid.

Treatment For Morning Sickness

You don’t have clear-cut treatment for morning sickness. Since every pregnancy is different, the symptoms and signs associated with it also be different. But you can feel better by following these steps:

  • Take rest. It’s not mandatory that you should take a rest. But if you are feeling tired or dizzy taking a rest can help.
  • Divide your meal into small portions. Reduce the portion size and have a meal high in carbohydrates and low in fats.
  • Some smells may feel unpleasant during pregnancy.
  • Reduce the exposure to such an unpleasant smile in Inorder to avoid vomiting.
  • Keeping hydrated is one way to avoid morning sickness. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Just be careful about the sugar content in the juice to avoid diabetes.
  • If you are looking for a home remedy for vomiting and nausea, ginger is always the best option. It contains ingredients that can reduce vomiting.
  • In case of severe morning sickness you should take medications.IV fluids are injected into the vein which helps to hydrate and supply you with essential nutrients.
  • Taking prenatal vitamins also helps you to relieve morning sickness.
  • Acupuncture and acustimulation exert pressure on certain points in the body which can reduce nausea.
  • Antiemetic drugs are prescribed by the doctor to prevent vomiting.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, doxylamine can be consumed only under prescription.
  • Try to avoid spicy foods.

A little knowledge about the test

  • When you consult the doctor because of morning sickness they request you to conduct some tests. Please don’t raise your adrenaline level. They are just conducted to make sure that you and your baby are safe.
  • To check whether you are dehydrated they may recommend a urine test.
  • A complete blood count (CBC) and comprehensive metabolic panel are conducted to check whether you are anaemic or not.
  • Ultrasound helps you to know better about their movement.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answer Happy Landing, Morning Sickness

  • Can morning sickness harm my baby?

It is never harmful until you can’t provide proper nutrition and water to the baby. Severe nausea and vomiting can hinder the baby from getting proper nutrition.

  •  When should I consult a doctor? Or is it normal to have morning sickness?

Morning sickness is normal but conditions like extreme fatigue, higher heart rate, increased vomiting, and dizziness need medical attention.

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