Every mother wants to enjoy their journey of pregnancy at its fullest. They tends to have a conglomerated feeling of happiness and anxiety.Little bit anxiety is companion of every married couples at least in the first pregnancy .

Common Myths And Facts About Pregnancy – Really Need To Worry?

This is also the  time you will hear a lot of advices and comments regarding pregnancy.There is high chance of getting depressed if you are getting exposed to myth rather than fact.Here are some myths that should be debunked.

Busting Twenty-One Pregnancy Myths

  1. You can predict the gender of baby
    It’s a common myth that one can predict a baby’s gender based on the mommy’s belly shape.Fact is that you can’t reveal the gender by believing the common myth that boys hang low in the belly and girls make moms wider.
  2. Bid farewell to pets if you’re pregnant
    Pregnancy period never means that you can no longer pamper your pets.But be a little cautious while changing cats poop because poop contains toxoplasmosis.
  3. No longer sex during pregnancy
    People still believe that sex during pregnancy can hurt the babies in tummy. Sex is safer during pregnancy unless it is warned by doctors.
  4. Eat for two because you carry two
    Our ancestors tend to believe that during pregnancy every mom to be should eat for two.But it is completely false ,this can cause only ingestion.Eat only when you are starving,
  5. Hair of foetus is directly proportional to vomiting
    Fact is that the  mother’s vomiting is caused only by increase in the hormone and ingestion but not the fetus hair.
  6. You are pregnant,so throw away your caffeine
    Moderate amounts of caffeine is permissible during pregnancy.You can have caffeine throughout pregnancy by monitoring the amount.
  7. Sex during periods means no pregnancy
    This is a common myth that should be debunked because it’s not correct in the case of women having shorter menstrual cycle.There is possibility of pregnancy if you have sex at final days of menstrual cycle.
  8. Don’t expect normal delivery if you have history of C-section
    The reality is that vaginal birth after cesarean is possible and many women opt normal delivery after C-section.
  9. You are infertile,if you have irregular periods
    It is possible to get pregnant,even if your menstrual cycle is irregular. There will be difficulty in getting pregnant because one doesn’t know the time of ovulation.
  10. Flying is not fine during pregnancy
    Air travel is safe for pregnant women and you can fly  after seeking the doctor’s advice.But certain restrictions are there for the women after 36 weeks of pregnancy.
  11. Drinking ghee makes delivery easier
    Ghee can nourish the body of mom-to-be and child but can’t help in making the delivery normal and smooth.In Fact taking a lot of ghee causes more harm than goodness.It can make the moms put on weight and risk pregnancy.
  12. You can’t drive car during pregnancy
    Driving is absolutely safe during pregnancy if you are not facing any complications. You can enjoy driving by taking extra care while driving.
  13. Left side is the best sleeping position for pregnant women
    Sleeping position doesn’t cause any risk in pregnancy, moreover the right or left side doesn’t actually matter in the pregnancy.No studies have found the left side as an ideal position.
  14. Spicy foods aren’t safe for baby and can induce labour
    Spicy food are safe for babies and it can’t Induce labour. Even Though it is not harmful for baby it can produce side effects like heartburn,indigestion etc.
  15. Cravings are indicator of baby’s gender
    Salty food cravings never means you are having boy or sweet food cravings means you are having boy. Cravings can’t determine the gender of a baby.
  16. Pregnant women should not eat salty foods
    It is believed that salt can make pregnant mothers swell up.Salt doesn’t cause swelling but high consumption can increase the blood pressure of the mother.Unless you don’t have hyper pressure,a pregnant lady can intake the salt as normal women.
  17. Stop eating fish during pregnancy
    Fish except mercury fish can provide essential vitamins and minerals that are required during pregnancy.Cooked fish can actually omega-3-fatty acids required for pregnancy.
  18. Heavier the size babies are,healthier they are
    In real babies heavier than average weight of a newborn baby can suffer from birth time difficulties,diabetes and even obesity.
  19. Easiness of delivery depends upon the size of baby
    Small baby never means that you can have easy and smooth delivery. The contraction of pelvis is equal whether the baby is small or large.
  20. Saffron improves babies complexion
    Baby’s complexion is determined by hereditary genes and factors.Foods and drinks don’t have any effect on baby’s complexion.Overconsumption of saffron is lethal for mother and baby.
  21. Moderate drinking and smoking is feasible during pregnancy
    Smoking and drinking can cause high risk in pregnancy like still birth infant death,miscarriage,by reducing the placental function.A small amount of liquor in the first trimester even can make your pregnancy riskier. Excessive intake of alcohol can make your child to be affected with stunted growth and mental retardation.

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